Securing Life Insurance Appointments: Best Practices for Agents

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23rd May 2024 8 min read
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Are you planning on becoming a life insurance agent and want to secure insurance carrier appointments? Here you will find the best practices to succeed on this journey!

Securing an insurance appointment is a way to kickstart your career and open doors to numerous opportunities. However, getting a carrier appointment is not an easy feat as there is fierce competition in the insurance industry.

Join us to discover the best practices of what you need to ensure your life insurance appointment!

First Steps Before Requesting Insurance Carrier Appointments

The insurance industry offers a variety of sectors to choose from as a career, each having its own requirements and unique challenges. This variety of options allows professionals to find areas that align with their skills and career goals.

Thus, you need to prepare yourself to meet the specific demands required to obtain an appointment. Learn more below.

Think About If This Choice is Really for You

A life insurance specialized agent is a dedicated professional who focuses on selling life insurance policies. It’s a noble profession that deals with delicate events—losses of people, whether expected or unexpected.

However, this line of insurance requires much more than just a decision. It entails significant preparation, enrollment in specific courses, obtaining the necessary licenses, and developing effective strategies.

You must undergo comprehensive training and pass specific certification exams to establish credibility and knowledge in the field.

Obtaining a Life Insurance License

The Life and Health License is one of the two basic insurance licenses (along with the Property and Casualty License). These are two licenses tied very closely together with the health license. Most people choose to get both.

You can get your health insurance license independently of your life insurance license, and vice versa. Most new agents elect to obtain them at the same time based on their opportunity to write both lines of business for the same client.

The most common requirements for obtaining a license (remember, they vary from state to state) are generally:

  • Meeting the basic eligibility requirements
  • Completing pre-licensing and specific training required by the state, where applicable
  • Passing the state insurance licensing exam (the average pass rate sits around 50% for first timers)
  • Requesting your life insurance license

In some states, along with your life insurance license, you’ll also obtain a health insurance license through the same process. In other words, it will be determined that you have lines of authority to sell specific products of these insurances.

In some states like Alabama, you need to have a Line of Authority (LOA) to be eligible for Variable Life and Variable Annuity. So, pay attention to the requirements of each state by consulting with the NIPR.

Choosing a Life Insurance Carrier

Focus on what type of life insurance you want to sell, such as universal, for seniors, individual, group, etc. Finding your niche can help you decide which appointments apply to you and what relevant experience you want to build.

Certain life insurance policies, such as variable whole life, are linked to securities-backed investment products. You’ll need an FINRA license (series 6 & 63) to market and sell these.

If you are just starting out, then you can leave these licenses for later, but also keep in mind that many life insurance products are tied to FINRA licenses.

Life Insurance: How to Get Insurance Carrier Appointments?

Now that you know the fundamental steps to applying for a license, it’s time to ensure the success of your appointment. Here are the best strategies you can apply for.

Meet the Necessary Qualifications for Appointment

The qualifications required vary depending on the carrier you want to represent. If you want to learn how to get insurance carrier appointments, here are some minimum requirements that you generally need to fulfill:

  • Being 18 years or older
  • Having a high school diploma or GED
  • Holding a life insurance license and any additional licenses if required
  • Completing all required training or Continuing Education
  • Pass a background check

Whatever your state’s requirements, make sure everything is in compliance before applying for an appointment.

Prepare the Necessary Documents for Insurance Carrier Appointments

You must submit a series of documentation and information to request an appointment. Don’t leave the sorting and analysis of your documentation until the last minute. If you incur delays, it may seem unprofessional to the carrier and lead to rejection.

Here are some of the most required aspects of obtaining carrier appointments.

Leads and Portfolio

Carriers want to know if agents have the expertise and skills to sell life insurance policies. Enhance this validation by highlighting successful cases, sales skills, and the ability to meet customer needs.

If you are employed as a captive agent (representing only one agency), your employer may supply you with leads. They typically sell them to you.

Conversely, working independently requires alternative methods of lead generation. One effective approach is purchasing lists or collaborating with insurance marketing organizations to enhance your lead generation efforts. With this, you’ll impress the carrier with your capability to generate leads.

Insurance Licenses and Certifications

Ensure that your team has the necessary licenses and certifications for compliance. This improves your reputation with carriers, demonstrating your commitment to avoiding penalties.

Continuing Education Certificate

CE certificates demonstrate agents’ commitment to professional excellence. Carriers need confirmation that you are well-prepared to meet sales demands.

These documents and information should be prepared ahead of deadlines and be ready to be sent. We know this is not always easy, especially when, besides ensuring easy access to them, they all need to be compliant.

Other Documents That Can Help You Boost Your Chances

There are a few more documents and strategies that are not required but can significantly bolster your chances of securing an appointment. These include:

  • Proof of E&O Insurance. Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance demonstrates that you take risk management seriously. It can also reassure carriers that you’re prepared to handle professional liability claims.
  • Business Plan. This shows your strategic direction, market understanding, and growth potential. It should highlight your sales strategy, target market, and how you plan to achieve your objectives.
  • Financial Statements. Some carriers might ask for financial statements to assess your financial health and stability.
  • Marketing Materials. Provide examples of your marketing materials and strategies to give carriers insight into how you intend to promote their products.
  • Letters of Recommendation. Letters from current clients or business associates attest to your professionalism, expertise, and service quality.

Invest in Developing Your Knowledge

The life insurance sector is one of the most required and profitable lines of business. With this comes responsibility for developing skills and practices to meet the demands of this broad sector.

You need to understand the approaches that generate the best results when acquiring clients. Investing in learning empathetic methods is the best way to start.

Enhance your knowledge of different types of life insurance to know which best meets the demands of your region. Additionally, staying updated with trends and innovations in the life insurance market is a must to remain competitive.

You can start investing in this learning process with these suggestions.

  • Workshops. This is a way to participate in practical learning opportunities to improve skills and the possibility of learning from industry experts.
  • CE Programs. These ensure you are up-to-date with the latest standards and recommended practices.
  • Networking. This is a great way to build relationships with industry professionals and explore collaboration opportunities and exchange strategies.

By investing in your professional development, the carrier will know you are better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that life insurance provides.

Utilize Technology to Your Advantage

All these processes may seem simple in theory, but it can be frustrating trying to put them into practice without the necessary assistance.

Carriers are looking for agents that invest in increasing their efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day operations. And what better way to streamline internal processes than with the help of technological advancement?

There are digital tools that can help you simplify processes and stay organized. For example, tracking and management software that allows you to track and manage all licenses and appointments effectively.

It’s a way for you to no longer worry about compliance and focus on what matters—selling your life insurance policies and becoming a high-performance professional.

Is the Effort to Obtain a Life Insurance Appointment Worth It?

The path and steps to obtain a life insurance carrier appointment may seem tedious. But for those who persist, there are countless rewards both personally and professionally. See some of the advantages below.

Market with High Demand and Opportunities

Life insurance policies are the most sought-after in the US. According to Forbes, more than 52% of Americans have some form of life insurance. In other words, it’s a market with high demand and consequently, plenty of opportunities.

High Financial Gains

Since agents earn commissions from sales and there is a high demand for life insurance policies, they make high profits. Life insurance holds the title of being the highest paid in the insurance sector. The more agents demonstrate quality service, the more opportunities arise to earn more.

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

There are other motivations to pursue a career as a life insurance agent besides success and high financial returns. It’s a mission of love and service, aiming to provide security and protection for families’ futures. For some, true success is not measured solely by sales numbers, but rather by the difference they make in people’s lives.

Maximize Your Chances of Success with Agenzee!

The process of securing your life insurance appointment can be tiring and time-consuming. How can you get insurance carrier appointments in a simplified way? With Agenzee by your side, everything becomes easier and more efficient!

We’ve developed software in response to the insurance industry’s demand for agility and compliance assurance. Some of the key features that you are going love most include:

  • Automation of repetitive and manual processes.
  • Real-time monitoring of licenses and appointments via native integration with NIPR.
  • Timely alerts and notifications of deadlines.
  • Interactive dashboards and a user-friendly interface.
  • Mobile app access to stay compliant wherever you are.

With our system, you no longer need to look through spreadsheets and multiple websites to track the status of your appointments and licenses. Imagine the carrier seeing how professional, prepared, and updated with technological trends you are. This will maximize your chances of obtaining insurance carrier appointments!

The best part? All of these features are in one place! Don’t waste any more time and request your personalized and free demo now!

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