Why is Agenzee the Best Insurance License Tracking Software For Your Agency?

Agenzee is versatile enough to meet the needs of various types of leading insurance organizations. Discover our solutions:

Streamlined Operations

Say goodbye to traditional spreadsheets and manual tracking! Agenzee is an automated license and appointment management solution that will save your team hours of time each week.

Enhanced Compliance

Agenzee provides a proactive approach to compliance management with features like automated alerts for expiring licenses and regulatory changes. Never miss a deadline again!

Data-Driven Decision Making

Agenzee’s interactive dashboard offers you insights to optimize resources, anticipate seasonal spikes, and maintain a robust audit trail.

What Our Customers Say

Find out why our customers are happy they chose Agenzee.


Tasha D.

We've been using Agenzee at Great Harbor Insurance, and it's been a game changer. It's streamlined our license management processes, saving us time and reducing the risk of non-compliance. Agenzee is an essential tool that has significantly improved our operational efficiency and peace of mind.


Carlos R.

Integrating Agenzee has significantly improved how we handle producer licenses and carrier appointments. We were happy to kiss our spreadsheets goodbye!


Brian T.

Agenzee has completely transformed how we manage producer licenses. The ease of tracking and renewing licenses across multiple states has been a major time saver. Agenzee is an indispensable tool in our compliance toolkit.


Angela F.

Agenzee is a surprisingly intuitive platform. It helps us stay ahead of compliance deadlines and maintain accurate records. It has become a real asset for our agency!

The Features our Agency Partners Love

Automated License Management

Agenzee automates the process of tracking and renewing insurance licenses. No manual entry necessary!

Audit Trail:

With Agenzee, maintain a robust audit trail, crucial for regulatory oversight and internal reviews.

NIPR Integration

Our system syncs with NIPR daily, ensuring that all your data is always up-to-date.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications about expiring licenses, appointment updates, and other regulatory actions.

Interactive Dashboards

Gain valuable insights on your team's compliance standing through easy-to-read graphical displays, aiding in decision-making.

Efficient Appointment Management

With Agenzee, manage your carrier appointments seamlessly, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Data-Driven Resource Allocation

Use insights from our interactive dashboards to anticipate seasonal spikes and optimally allocate resources.

Discover All of Agenzee's Features

Interested to learn how Agenzee can optimize your organization's compliance management processes? Look at our complete list of features and see the power of Agenzee for yourself!

Other Solutions Cannot Compare to Agenzee. Here's Why:

Superior to Spreadsheets

Unlike spreadsheets, Agenzee is a tool built specifically for insurance license management and carrier appointment tracking, which means it offers features spreadsheets simply cannot.

Outperforms CRMs

While CRMs are a useful tool for managing client relationships, they fall short when it comes to managing insurance licenses and carrier appointments.

Stands Above Other Insurance License Management Software

There are other insurance license management software options available. But Agenzee stands out due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly design.


What You Get When You Choose Agenzee

Monthly Updates With New Features

Every month, Agenzee rolls out new features to continually improve your experience and meet the ever-evolving needs of the insurance industry.

We're committed to staying at the forefront of technology and compliance trends, ensuring that our platform not only keeps pace with changes but also anticipates future challenges and opportunities.

Exceptional Customer Support

At Agenzee, we see you as a partner, not just a customer. That's why we provide 5-star customer support ready to assist you whenever you need it.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to answer your questions, guide you through the platform, and resolve any issues that may arise, helping you to get the most out of our solution.

Join Our Revolution

Choosing Agenzee means you're part of a revolutionary product that is constantly evolving. We're not just a software provider—we're a team committed to transforming how insurance agencies manage compliance and licensing.

By being a part of the Agenzee family, you are participating in shaping the future of the insurance industry, making it more efficient, compliant, and customer-centric.

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