Hawaii Insurance Licensing

The information provided by Agenzee is intended to be accurate and current regarding licensing and appointment requirements across states. While we make every effort to ensure precision through research and expertise, we recommend that readers independently verify details by contacting their state’s insurance department for precise regulations. Remaining informed is essential, and we are here to assist you on your path.

Appointments & Terminations in Hawaii



Within 15 days of contract execution or first


No fee





Must be no more than 15 days old from the current date

No, perpetual

No fees


Voluntary termination; inadequate production; cancelled by general agent; death; company defunct or liquidation; agent moved; appointed in error


Must not be more than 15 days old from the current date

All termination transactions terminate all lines of authority between appointee and appointer, even if only one line is requested to be terminated

No fee

Licensing in Hawaii

Initial individual new license fee:

$150 or $200 depending on license and expiration dates

$225 or $300 depending on license and expiration dates

Varies by license type

106 days before expiration

16th day of birth month every 2 years in odd or even year based on month of birth

30 days after expiration

Residence, Business, and Mailing (P.O. Boxes not allowed)

Agency Licensing in Hawaii




90 days prior to expiration date, on the first day of the month until April 16th, odd year for residents; even years for non-residents

Independent and Specialty Adjuster Licensing in Hawaii


Licensing Fee varies by timing




Licenses expire on the 16th of the individual's birth month, biennially

Biennially, on the 16th of the individual's birth month

Continuing Education Requirements for Hawaii Insurance Licensees

Here at Agenzee, we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information on CE requirements for various states. While we take pride in our thorough research and expertise, we encourage our readers to conduct their own due diligence by consulting their state’s department of insurance for specific requirements. Remember, staying informed is key, and we’re here to support you on your journey to compliance!

Licensees must complete a total of 24 hours of continuing education every two years.

The renewal period is biennial, occurring every two years.

Continuing education must be completed prior to the license expiration.

The license renewal date falls on the last day of the licensee's birth month.

Renewal year is based on the year of the first license issuance.

A CE reminder is sent 90 days prior to the license expiration date.

Producers licensed only for limited lines or surplus lines, including specific lines such as credit or GAP insurance, travel, surety, pet, or portable electronics. Agency and non-resident adjusters are exempt from CE. Other licensees seeking an exemption can be listed on inactive status for reasons such as active military service.

Licensees have 30 days past the renewal date to submit renewal with an additional $100 fine. Between 30 and 60 days past renewal, the fee increases to $200, and between 60 and 90 days, the fee becomes $300. If 90 days past the renewal deadline, licensees must get current on CE and retest for lines of authority. At the one-year mark (365 days), reapplication for a completely new license is required.

Three hours of CE must be dedicated to ethics or consumer protections.

Three hours of NFIP course are required.

Initial certification requires an 8-hour training course, followed by 4 hours of LTC-specific training each renewal cycle.

Licensees must complete a one-time, 4-hour course.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hawaii Insurance Licensing

Begin by completing the necessary pre-licensing requirements, ensure all your documentation including fingerprints is submitted correctly, and apply through the NIPR Gateway.

Hawaii offers a range of licenses including Insurance Producer, Public Adjuster, Independent Adjuster, and several types of limited licenses.

Yes, Hawaii requires 24 hours of Continuing Education every two years, including specific courses like ethics and flood insurance.



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